Monday Blues

I hate them – Monday mornings are very difficult for me to kick start. No matter how exciting or dull the weekend has been, it just doesn’t get me triggered for the morning after. The weekend was family time – meeting my grand-parents (both sets). It was a slap in the face seeing them suffer with the old age catching up and problems creeping from every part of the body. Shocking – considering life will go through it all and you never know where we end up. Ouch!

Coming in late just doesn’t get better and this time the HR Manager rocked me for my late-coming. Eeeks I better get off the bed earlier than it gets just TOO late. Work has been slow since the senior team is missing from office so I spent the day doing PR and cold-calls to clients. Work seems to be getting into a routine now with nothing big and exciting on the cards so far. I hate getting bored so soon at work, worries me all the time. What’s next? Who knows? But need to do some serious thinking.

I am waiting for an all very important SMS – that the “camera” has been purchased. Till then my Moblog does the wonders!