Can’t get any more boring

Boredom is seeping in slowly. Work isn’t that exciting anymore, there are no new projects and the current ones all held-up at production stage. And since SK is also not in town things are never moving, all development is on-hold. Besides the lack of work also kind of makes me very sleepy. Today I am very tired, I haven’t slept well since the last two days. Hopefully I will finish early today so I can hit the bed and recover some lost sleep. Last evenings late discussions with SB were useful and they have got me thinking again – Now I am waiting for Dad before I can decide what next? I spent most of the day reading blogs and sharing comments, but now I am bored of that too so decided to write in here – helps me do some loud thinking. People are creating blogs for just about everything under the sun – Dogs, wives, kids and even their shopping fetish. It’s crazy.

N wants to buy a new mobile so I have been looking around to see what are the new models. Just then I happened to see that the much awaited Nokia 6230i is now out and available for a cool Rs.16,000 only! Tushar you missed it by a few weeks but I think Nokia 6230 was not a bad choice at all – you will agree. Camera prices seem to have dropped further and I am hoping to pick-up a good deal on my purchase. Gives me some spare cash for extras like a bigger memory card!