Lunch just got more interesting

The morning started on a sad note – granny was not feeling too well but now things are better and I am going to have dinner with her after work. Of course she won’t be cooking so I am going to miss all the sweets and special dishes which she churns out when I visit her place. Work was crazy – I spent the whole day working with Excel and lots of client costing had to be sent out. It’s about time I get an Excel tutorial book and upgrade my skills. My lunch just got interesting starting yesterday since I signed up for a new “tiffin” service – The food is wholesome and it’s yum (Sweetdish @ lunch is the icing on cake!). I surfed around and looked at some good blogs, I am thinking of starting a blogroll in here so I can share my favourite links. Besides reading other blogs also helps me get fresh ideas and see what people are sharing on their blogs. It’s fun, TRUST ME!

Oh BTW, the camera has been decided and hopefully will be picked up next week from Dubai. So it’s about a week more before I can get “clicky-click”.

I am dreading the journey to granny, since it’s peak time and people are going to crush me with every bone in their body possible (If you haven’t seen the local Mumbai train – You won’t get this!). Eeeks!


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