Not in a snapshot

I am thinking of buying a digital camera. How do you do it? Get into and read a few reviews, follow their buying guide and make your selection. Of course being me I always need personal recommendations and feedback from other fellow users – So I write to friends to get their opinion too. And that’s what I just did. But of course – the more information you get the more you are confused by the end of it all. And after 2 days of surfing around and reading pixel size, zoom lengths and battery life – I am sure out of life. It’s just too confusing.

Although CNET tries to make their spec list as simple as possible, I think it yet takes a geek mind-set to make the correct purchase and not over-look something you realize only after the deal. And then again it’s a big world out there – so you have die-hard fans who would swear by Sony and then there are some who would put Canon to the top of the list. Till last evening, I was looking at Sony, now I am looking at Canon. What I end up buying is something for me to yet decide? I am expecting a few replies from friends and will then take a decision – which ain’t as easy as capturing the first snapshot. I am really excited to get my hands on a digital camera ASAP. Can’t wait to start populating my Photostream at Flickr.