Workplace woes

Sometimes it can just get frustrating! I do product development for a cosmetic firm and very often the back copy of a product label is my responsibility. If you ever read the fine print you would see the all so complicated chemical names which identifies the ingredients of the product. For example “Cetostearly Alcohol”, this chemical has many names like “Cetyl Alcohol” and even “Cetearyl Alcohol”. Now these are not words of everyday use and for somebody like me who uses “spell-checks” to even send out e-mails it can get very difficult to work with.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter desparately sending out e-mails across the office to make sure I was spelling these words correct I searched the internet for a chemical directory (actually I would call it a dictionary) which would give me the correct spelling.

And as with all other things internet was to the rescue – Google threw up so many results that I was confused which one would be the best. Some were added to my bookmark list and will be used for regular reference. The one which shows “Sorry no results were found” will be thrown out of the list. I am harsh – yes, I am.

Working with too many IE windows open was creating a mess in the taskbar so finally I hit download for the much delayed “Maxthon“. I didn’t dig deep into the features but it makes for easy browsing in one single window with many tabs. I hope to post a complete review in a few days (need to experience it before I blog, correct?).