The search begins…

I finally decided that I should make the much delayed digital camera purchase. I am going to ask a dear friend to bring it in from the US the next time he is coming back home. Meanwhile I continued searching through CNET, reading user reviews and and also looked at a few digital photography blogs. At the end of it all: I am yet confused and have not even been able to make a “potential-purchase” list. My requirements are pretty simple, maybe you can help me.
  • I need it for personal use so I need something simple which even the family can manage to use at times
  • I would use it primarily for photos on the Web, but of course if I like some shots would want to get them printed professionaly or on the home printer
  • Batteries – Re-chargable preffered always
  • My budget: US $350-$400.

That’s more or less. Simple ain’t it? Drop me a line if you can share something with me.


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