More than just blogs

Where have I been? Busy. It’s been a crazy start for the week. Just too many projects getting actioned after a long period of gestation so I am swamped with work. But that’s how I like to be @ work – Busy!

Was wondering how blogging helps me:

  • Links, images and clippings which interest me – I don’t send them via e-mail anymore, I just post it in here. Saves the Inbox of my dear friends and I also help save some bandwidth on this massive network called the “INTERNET”. Besides I also get to share with them with people more than just on my e-mail lists.
  • Helps me think – Every new activity, event etc. keeps me thinking of an idea for my next blog. In short, makes life more interesting.
  • Photo Blogs – they help me discover things which I usually would glance over and not think. But a camera in hand makes me want to take a snap-shot so I stop, look and ponder while the photo goes online.

It’s past 8:30PM and I yet at work, so I better get going home – I am HUNGRY!