Manage your browser windows

If you surf a lot of websites simultaneously your taskbar should be crowded all the time with the numerous browser windows open. I wanted to get rid of this and discovered Maxthon Browser which sits on top of Mircrosoft’s Internet Explorer and makes things easy. You can get a complete tour, feature list etc. at their website – so not wasting time I am just going to give you my list on what rocks in Maxthon Browser.
  • With a single-click all browser windows are minimized giving you access to the other program(s) working in background.
  • Resume function is handy because it lets you get back to where you were even after you re-start the browser. I don’t know if the settings can be kept even after a PC re-start.
  • The toolbar gives you access to commonly used Utilities. I set-up my access to Irfanview since I do a lot of screen captures.
  • Group Bookmarks – this was good. I was surfing a few sites searching for a digital camera and with a single click I could bookmark all the pages and return to the websites at a later stage. This again with a single-click.

I don’t know technically but personally I felt Maxthon loads faster than a single window of IE and then opening new windows open in a jiffy. Although I must state here that sometimes Maxthon stops working and will show “The page cannot be displayed” for all the open pages. That’s when you have to re-start the browser and the Resume function comes in handy. This is a worthy download for your IE.