Stress Busters

I discovered a new stress buster, when you need it most at the end of tiring day. I spent the last 3 nights getting a one-hour dose of my favourite cartoons – Tom & Jerry. I really admire these cartoons for the amazing plots, creative adaptations and excellent production. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAlthough they are made to look funny it really takes a while before you notice the creativity which goes behind the script of each episode. If you are reading this from India, you can watch them on Cartoon Network. It’s interesting to know that more than a few handful of television channels have started beaming content specifically for kids. And these are not just cartoons but more content like children movies, educational programs etc. But trust me the content is so amazing that you can get addicted with or without kids around. My cable provides me with Disney Channel, Animax, Pogo (Which rocks!), Cartoon Network but I am yet to see the Hungama Channel.

Although it’s good to see these channels dubbing programs in Hindi too, I really hate the quality of the language used. It’s very “Bambaiya-roadside-tapori” language which gets disappointing after a while. They should review their changed language scripts.


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