Party all the way

Mr. Gupta celebrates yet another year added to his life. Great Going! We had a rocking time @ the Vie Lounge and I think it was after long that we all gathered with nobody missing from the “GANG”. Of course we missed our USA buddy – Piyush. Photos here.

Although Saturday nights are the most suited to party I think they are a mess @ the same time. Every bar has a queue for entry – Worst than the one you see at a public loo. It takes about 30mins to get a drink and you can have everyone but your girlfriend bumping into you all the time. The dance floor has just enough space for you to shake your body “vertically”. But none the less we continue to make merry every weekend and rock till our heads roll.

I finally did get a chance to experience the SONY Vaio T17GP and let me tell you the sheer size and weight of the machine makes it fit in my “Wish List”. But my recommendation: I would use this as a travel tool and it’s more suited to someone who is on the move all the time. I prefer something more stable like my current IBM or a loaded desktop when I am at work.

P.S If you are seeing this, my first blog with w.bloggar has been successful. The site was hacked earlier this month but I managed to get the exe from some other website. Drop me a line if you are interested.