Nothing is permanent

I have been working on how to change the theme at this blog ever since I selected the previous one. I wanted to tweak it to my preferences but somewhere the code went wrong and as of last night I lost all the settings and it screwed up big time. So I selected a new theme, and I am so glad. I love the white background, spaced out blog post areas. Of course I am not going to keep it this way and will go about changing a few things here and there. I dont know what but maybe you can tell me what can I change?
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My search for an offline blog writing tool hasnt made me very happy. I tried w.bloggar which seemed a little buggy and then I just got Zoundry which I am yet to experience. On that note, I am also thinking about getting the Maxthon internet browser which seems like an interesting extension to IE. Since I use Firefox @ home this should be a good chance to see IE alternatives.

I am off for a weekend trip so you should see my next blog when I return.