How can you be lonely?

Connecting with friends of friends – social networking as they call it. hi5!, orkut et all…. But once you are offline, this aint helping anymore. Just then they come up with something even more interesting. Connecting with friends even when you are on the move. I think dodgeball is a very interesting service indeed.

Where do I differ? How does this make it different from Groups SMS which I use all the time. Would it not be easier to tell my friend list I am @ XYZ and why don’t you drop in! Cost saving nah! it just can’t be that – can it? But what makes it even more interesting is connecting with “friends of friends” just another way to get close to that girl you met at your friends party but didn’t know how to ask her out. But if you buttered your friend you could just have her on your dodgeball crush list. WORKS ?

When does this come to India? I don’t know! But first we need a city location database? And at the rate which these places come and go in Mumbai I am sure it’s going to be a tough one. Look at Bandra. Every week a place opens and the next you know they changed it from a Lounge bar to a family restaurant. But I think the potential is immense and the idea kicking. Are we game? Let me know what do you think.