Sunday and you

If you ever read self-help books like I did once upon a time, you would know this. What you did on your day off from work (Sunday for most of us around here) goes a good way in shaping your life. So what do people do on Sundays?

– Do paper work they never did during the week
– Laze around and do nothing
– Spend some good time with family and friends
– Study
– Pursue a hobby

Okay, let’s think about it? What do you do? Do you feel nice on a Monday morning when you had a great weekend – lots of partying, nice movie, a great dinner. Well, I do. Besides what I also observed is that if I did something constructive it kept my energy levels and morale high – which in turn helps me do a great week @ work, because I am all charged up to go out there and achieve something.

On the other hand, if I have spent the weekend watching almost 20 hours of TV, then I am in trouble. It’s a lousy Monday morning (a complete energy drain over the weekend makes you so sick) lack of action @ work. And then you just look forward to another weekend? Why? Because you want to make it better than the lousy one you just had?

What are you doing this weekend? You know where to reach me, so let me hear from you.


One thought on “Sunday and you

  1. hi ther …

    man true never thought of it this way

    saturday indeed is a night we should rock

    so am i hearing from everyone seven, h20, zenzi, independence cafe, rock bottom, purplehaze bla bla bla..

    right guys time to party


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