Spaghetti could be better

It’s booming it’s exploding – dining, lounge bars, discos. They come in various forms, shapes and styles. They are new, good and interesting. And sometimes even plain shocking. Read it for yourself. With couples scouting places to make out -this gives them opportunities a plenty. More MMS scandals for the hungry sex-starved souls…

Then you have restaurants who think they can do wonders with name & design – But will someone tell them that it’s the food which matters @ the end of the day or rather @ the end of a tiring evening, when you spend big bucks to be seated there eating anything but GREAT stuff.

Spaghetti kitchen – a name which made me go with great interest and expectation. After all I love spaghettis and pastas and a lot more.. but let’s not get in there right now. However I came back disappointed or rather hungry. If you do end up going there, which you might if you are one of those in Mumbai who seems to have eaten @ every single place on this side of the Mahim Creek! Don’t miss the appetizers, pizzas and dig thru the wine list for a fine selection.

Till I eat again …