I did it. Yes, my first e-commerce transaction in a long while, since commerce came with that “e”. It holds even more value since I actually made the purchase as a gift for my mother. It was simple, easy and best of all – I could make the purchase at 2AM in the night, right here sitting in my room wearing nothing but my boxers. Could I do that in the local store – U must be crazy!

But now I am addicted – I listed atleast 10 items there in my WANT LIST which I intend to buy Only because it’s comfortable, I dont need to haggle and I get it at a price I want it to be. So it’s going to be happy shopping for me for the next few weeks. But where do I get the bucks …. I search for a website which let’s me make money wearing just the boxers. Jockey, CK are you listening?

What next? I search for an online photo print shop, who can take my digital pics and send photo prints back to my house. Don’t worry the pics will have me wearing more than my boxers…