How do you get married?

Choose the right partner and get married – That’s what they are all shouting about. Yeah you bet! Every possible name which means something to do with weddings should have it’s own Web Address by now. So what’s the big noise about matrimonial websites coming up all over? On that note my mother had an interesting point: This generation doesn’t want to get married. Freedom, financial independence and options is what you people are always looking for. True isn’t it? All these websites give you profiles (with photos) to look at and select your partner – Now that’s what I call options.

The interesting part is of course how they sell their services. Read this for example: “Let your parents choose your life partner, you write the matrimonial ad.” “Don’t marry the wrong person, choose your partner at our website.”

Yeah, as if they give you the profile with a warranty – Tried & Tested. “He is not a wife-basher. Helps around the house work.” “She is beautiful and will keep your home beautiful too”.

Seriously, what’s with this rush? Do people not fall in love anymore? Are parents not able to select partners for children? Whatever happened to “dalals” who arranged matches across the cities Or even our good old Dadi and Nani who always had that special boy or girl selected for their children? And whatever happened to offline real world interaction?

Would you meet someone off the web with the intention to marry? Above all, would you get married to someone you met online? Share your thoughts.


One thought on “How do you get married?

  1. Absolutely not! I would NEVER go on the INTERNET to meet someone with the intention of marrying them! That’s such a completely insane thought! All you have to go on is their “profile”. Who knows if that info’s true or not?! And their “picture”. You honestly don’t know a person if you’ve met them online, unless, of course, you actually meet them in public. But then, the person you meet in public might be a completely different person than the one you met online. Online dating/marriage set-ups are really a complete gamble.

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