My daddy strongest


Calvin with his father
Daddy knows it all …


My daddy strongest …

He was our google to all those silly questions we had as kids or then maybe even now.

He built our home library full of interesting books before we had the luxury of browsing Crossword.

He taught us money management before we could spell Warren Buffet.

He was our atlas much before we discovered the powers of Google Maps.He almost every time was able to help us locate any city/country on the map.

He was our holiday planner, much more customized than SOTC and Thomas Cook could ever imagine to be.

He was our Travel & Living channel, giving us interesting stories from his many trips across India and abroad.

He was our first bartender who introduced us to the many bottles in his bar and taught us to drink responsibly.

And finally, he was our first ATM. He was there much before ICICI and HDFC even started.

Dad, be there for us as always …. Cheers!