Fashion – Not a show-stopper

Creativity is not a cut and paste formula. And I guess what works once, maybe even twice may not work again and again. That’s what Madhur Bhandarkar seems to have missed out on in his latest project – fashion.

image Gay designers, the need to sleep around for work, drug abuse, alcoholism & a bit more – a very predictable story line which leaves very little to imagine and nothing really to look forward post interval. Unlike a Page 3 it gives you nothing to be aghast about and no twist in the storyline will make you twitch in the seat.

If there is something superb about the movie it’s the casting and performance. Every role has been etched out very well and each one of them has done a fantastic performance. Kangana looks the very realistic drug addict they made her out to be. Priyanka does a good mix of attitude and emotion to play her role perfect. Of course the little surprise package is Chitrashi Rawat.  [She was a rough ‘n’ tough missy Komal Chautala in Shah Rukh Khan’s Chak De India.] Just 4 little scenes but impressive stuff.

There was a an over-dose of gay fashion designers and makes you believe that if you are a male fashion designer – you gotta be GAY. People from the industry may beg to differ that the world isn’t that bad after all – and it maybe tough, but then Madhur has very beautifully shown us that the corporate world isn’t easy either.

Final verdict: Watch this movie for it’s performances and for a storyline which is different from the Bollywood masala. I won’t label it as realistic cinema and or even put in the same league as Page 3. Also I hope Madhur’s next is not another “behind the scenes” of some industry yet again.


One thought on “Fashion – Not a show-stopper

  1. Have not really seen it so far. The script seemed very predictable from the start. However I am keen on the execution. This week hopefully! 🙂

    Hey thanks for the tip on Open Office Spreadsheet. You are right. I hated it too!! lol

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