Letter to Farhan

I watched Rock On and thought I should send a congratulatory note to Farhan & his team for a good job they had done.

Dear Farhan,

I couldn’t ask for a better treat. I watched Rock On with my wife and I think it was time well spent on my birthday.

“Multi-talented” is the word which my wife used to describe you. A fabulous director who makes a debut with Dil Chata Hai, a solid performance in Rock On and then you even sing the songs yourself. Kudos.

The incident where you decide to leave the band and walk away to Delhi reminded me of a similar incident many years ago when I too walked away from a project I started with my friends. We were young, restless with very little maturity and understanding in our heads. If it wasn’t our way it wasn’t the right way.

Arjun does a real good job in portraying that typical guitar player from the Bandra area. I am sure a lot of aspiring performers may have identified with his struggle. As always Purab is fun to watch and his image transformation from his band days to the shop owner has been done well, but I thought showing him in a full sleeve with a designer pen on a Sunday afternoon at Army Cafe was taking it a bit too seriously.

Little Prachi couldn’t have made a better choice than Rock On to be her launch pad into Bollywood. I really hope she lives up to her performance (whatever little there was for her) and does not get into the type-cast bollywood masala numbers. But when it comes to brilliance I think Joe’s wife (Shahana) does a real god job showing the young bubbly college girl turn into this frustrated house-wife. I bet she’s already got some directors on her door step.

Farhan, I don’t know if it’s your sense of fashion & design or is it the hard work of a fantastic team which makes the styling of your movie so-so desirable. Whether it’s Aamir’s room in DCH, SRK’s clothing in DON or your very own home in Rock On. Fantabulous.

Man, what were you guys thinking when you’ll wrote those lyrics. “Meri laundry ka ek bill, sinbad the sailor”. How did you convince  your Dad (Javed sahaab) to write those things? But they are so sticky I was actually humming them on my way back home from the cinema hall.

Of course I am not going to let you walk away with all the credit because Abhishek does deserve the credit for having directed this wonderful movie whose DVD I can’t way to buy.

A fan who truly loved your movie

P.S The little (but strong) message at the end made an impact and I actually went to 3 shops before I could get myself the original audio CD of the movie. It’s freaking SOLD out almost everywhere.


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  1. i would love toknow the email adress so i can send a letter also
    please give it to me
    i loved the movie so mcuh that im actually writing a second movie Magik it is not real
    please email farhan’s email

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