Sony Ericsson and Samsung – similar ad idea?

Happened to see these two tvcs in the past few days and I thought they had a strong similarity. Sports was the theme and the fact that they both try and talk about the fusion of music from non-conventional instruments.

See if for yourself – Sony Ericsson W350i and Samsung F480. Let me know what do you think.


One thought on “Sony Ericsson and Samsung – similar ad idea?

  1. I don’t think the two are very similar though they both use sound and sport. i think the samsung ad is way better because it captures the spirit of the games better.

    by the way, when i first saw the sony ad i thought it was a Dolby rip-off. you know the Dolby ad that runs at PVRs before films. it’s ditto. i mean they use the same objects to generate the noise… err music 🙂


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