Poison could have been a little sweeter

On Tuesday I went partying with cousins to Poison. It was a pre-wedding celebration for my cousin and her fiance. It was a great bonding time before sister leaves for her new world. I wish them both lots of luck and God bless them.

Poison is one of the posh discotheques in Bandra supposedly run by DJ Aqeel. Big enough to park a mini-plane inside this is one of the most spacious night spots I have been to in our cramped up Mumbai city. The music was pretty ok with Tuesday being a Bollyfunk night special. All in all a good evening but certain aspects of the place disappointed me.

  • No double entry, which means if you walk in once they don’t let you get out and re-enter the place again. Sounded strange for a social night spot.
  • They don’t serve plain drinking water. Should it not be mandatory for any eat/drink establishment to serve free potable drinking water.
  • No photography – and this really matter a lot to me.  I respect the fact that they like to protect the identity of their guests from mischievous souls who may take the “wrong shots”, but that results in a loss to capture some lovely moments you spend their with your loved ones.

Maybe it was these standards which made the club a “have to be seen location” for some souls but for me I thought the rules made the place absolutely unfriendly.


3 thoughts on “Poison could have been a little sweeter

  1. Are you sure you were NOT allowed to go out and re-enter. Poison generally puts a stamp on your hand, which entitles you to re-enter.

    Most night clubs dont serve water – You got to buy mineral water from the bar. After all, they all run on bar sales 😉

    Then again, Poison is not the only one not allowing Photography inside. The thing is its a popular night club, and since its owned by DJ Aqeel, chances of you spotting a celebrity is high, and they dont want the pics to be misused. A lot of night clubs in the city dont permit photography including places like Shiros (next to Hard-Rock, Worli)

  2. Ritesh thanks for your leaving your thoughts.

    They stamped me but that didn’t help.

    I won’t agree on the water policy because even Starboard or Harbour Bar in Taj serve a plain glass of water without having to buy bottled water.

    Shiros does allow photography – I have had a few celebrations there so its from experience.

  3. Are you serious – When did Shiros start allowing photography?

    Havent been there for a while now – but I for sure wasnt allowed.

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