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And they said honesty didn’t live anymore

Rickshaws in Nagpur don’t have meters. You negotiate with the driver for your location and then you can make the ride. Last week I spent some time in Nagpur. For two days I paid Rs.60 every morning to reach my destination from the hotel. On the third day I checked out and with my luggage approached the first rickshaw outside the hotel. He said 80 bucks! take it or leave it. (I thought he was over-charging because the previous two days I had taken the rick a little away from the hotel entrance). I told him 60 was fair but then we agreed on 70  and got moving.

I reach my destination and handed him Rs.70 as promised. A gentleman indeed, he actually returned Rs.10 back and said, “I quoted Rs.70 because I thought you wanted to go ahead of the big junction, so here is Rs.10 back.” Got me thinking. I was a tourist and the driver could have easily avoided the 10 bucks refund and kept that little extra for himself.

Gives you an assurance that a few good honest men yet survive around here and it’s a matter of chance that you get to meet one. Have you met one lately? Share your story with me in the comments area.


One thought on “And they said honesty didn’t live anymore

  1. Sounds familiar to me.
    Delhi’s autorickshaws, or rather autorickshaw drivers, are a notorious lot. They have meters, yet don’t go by it. They overcharge, and you have to bargain with them very frequently. Yet, to my amazement I still manage to find some honest ones who abide by the meter. I even wrote a post about it –

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