Link Share: 100 simple ways to be creative

Life is fun if you can plug in “creative solutions” rather than just solutions. Here are 100 simple ways to be creative shared at The Heart of Innovation. I am going to start practicing a few so that I can put in more interesting stuff in my “idea piggy bank”.

11. Turn on a radio at random times and listen for a “message.”

13. Think of five other ways to define your challenge.

30. Read odd books — having nothing to do with your work.

45. Ask yourself what the market wants or needs.

99. Divide your idea into component parts. Then rethink each part.

What’s helping you get creative? Give me a shout in the comments area.


One thought on “Link Share: 100 simple ways to be creative

  1. hmm
    Taking a shower helps..
    So does a drive..
    The pressure of an imaginary deadline has worked..
    Taking a stroll in the terrace during evenings has been my most trusted method for inspiration and stress busting..

    cool link.. thanks..

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