Monday Mumble: Radio channel idea

For some strange reason I have been thinking “radio” all of last week. That’s maybe because I spent three sick days last week listening to a lot of music.

— from inframan(?)

Idea #1: You’ve got TV channels dedicated to religious talks – Aastha, Sanskar and a few more. How about having Radio channels dedicated to bhajans, spiritual talks and good sayings … something which can give people more than just bollywood masala. Ad revenues should not be difficult, after all religion is a big money subject in this country.

Idea #2: I don’t know if this has been attempted before. Radio channel branded public transport buses. Radio channel pays the bus operator a fee and gets to have the channel playing in the bus all the time. Bus can be branded too – “Is bus mein sab kush hain, kyonki sab Radio Mirchi sunte hain”.

Would love to know what do you think of the ideas, share your thoughts in the comment area.


One thought on “Monday Mumble: Radio channel idea

  1. Well. If you really want some radio channels dedicated to spirituality, bhajans, etc., I would really recommend WorldSpace Satellite Radio. It has many such channels, like Moksha (spiritual wellbeing and lifestyle channel), Radio AOL (dedicated to the Art of Living foundation), Sai Global Harmony, Tunak Punjabi (not wholly a spiritual channel, but dedicates about 6 hours everyday for gurbani)
    Also, I learnt you have a liking for Trance music. You’ll find that too on WorldSpace!!

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