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Femina Woman – What do I BELIEVE

This ad is today’s edition of Bombay Times. Although I have always loved Femina’s – The Woman of Substance branding, this one left me a little baffled today. Will appreciate if the women out there can throw some light on what she intends to say.

femina ad believe

She loves her mother in law, which means she is married. She has a boyfriend, fair enough. BUT then she goes on to say I have NEVER LIED – interesting. And even MORE interesting – I have NEVER been KISSED. 

Now what do I BELIEVE?


One thought on “Femina Woman – What do I BELIEVE

  1. I don’t think it is a lone person speaking, but instead is a representation of the various points of view their sundry readers my have.

    And you missed a big one – she can’t be both 40 and 14 at the same time. Maybe at heart…

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