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Beauty of flickr on your computer

If you browse the interesting photos at flickr! you’ll be amazed at some of the most beautiful shots which people capture and share online. It’s amazing I must say. You could spend hours browsing through because there is an update daily. But then who has so much of free time on hand, right?

So, I searched for two little tools which could display these stunning photos at the two most obvious applications on the computer – The desktop wallpaper and the screen saver. Both just got powered with flickr photos.

Slickr this application once installed will fetch images from flickr and rotate them in the screensaver mode. You can get photos from user, group, everyone and local – add some tags you are great to go. The first few times it takes a while for the cache to build up with new images being downloaded but after a little while you’ll have images showing instantly.

WallpaperFlickr – I hate boring desktop wallpapers, and this tool makes it even more interesting because it changes wallpapers at a specified interval. A few problems are that the software needs .Net framework installed on your machine and I found the software to be a little buggy! Also the tag specifications didn’t seem to work.