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TweetVolume: What’s being tweeted?

The latest emailer from the guys at twitter has a very interesting link to TweetVolume. It lets you analyze how many times does a word or phrase appear in twitter. Who cares, right? Well, I thought so but then I give it a shot and tried something just to experiment with the application. So here is what I did – put in a few of the mobile brands which I could think of to see how many times was that brand being tweeted about. Interesting results, you will see…

twitter vision mobile phones

Now check if your brand is being spoken about on twitter give it a try – but hey the site is far from being professional so it does have it’s own set of bugs and a few short-comings before it actually becomes a test bed for some interesting research.

An example from the twitter emailer: 3,800 folks have twittered about being sad and 13,000 people have twittered about being happy. Clearly, Twitter users are happy people. Is that because they drink coffee (14,200) about three times more than tea (4,610)? Who knows.

Let me know if you come up with some interesting results, post them in the comments.