Ad pick: Lilliput kids wear

Lilliput Kids Wear Advertisement

Ok, I really didn’t appreciate this ad when I looked at it. The first thought which comes to my mind is the message it is giving out to children. I mean if the kid happens to see this ad will he/she get more persuasive to buy those clothes so that he/she can go to his/her classes. In the age when kids are being over-exposed to media and I believe only getting tougher for parents to manage their needs and more so “wants”, I think this ad kind of kicks it in.

However a parting thought: Are kids that age reading the Bombay Times where this ad appeared?


6 thoughts on “Ad pick: Lilliput kids wear

  1. Today I’ve seen the ad in Deccan Chronicle. That shows the lack of right medium to address the kids market directly for small players other than television commercial.

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