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Madhukar Kamath interview on agencyfaqs!

Madhukar Kamath, managing director and CEO, Mudra Group chats with Prajjal Saha and Devina Joshi of agencyfaqs! about Mudra’s growth as an agency, the creative leadership at Mudra, MMS’ growing contribution to the Mudra Group, and DDB’s global philosophies. Here.

As an employee of Mudra it was nice to observe some keypoints made by the CEO, directing the company on a new charter. Mudra is a home-grown agency, “a son of the soil agency” as Mr.Kamath pointed out. Although certain other agencies tend to dominate it’s position in the market, I think we are soon going to get back at them. I remember till a few years back Mudra was among the Top 5 agencies of the country but now it’s ranked at 6. Which of course is disturbing the top boss and he has laid down some plans to get back in the Top 3 bracket.

Personally it gives me great satisfaction to work with an agency which is slowly getting established as providers of creative business solutions. And I believe communication is more than just mere advertising, which Mr.Kamath very well puts at when he says:

“Because traditional advertising still occupies a large space in the minds of advertisers and ad agencies, and wrongfully so, other verticals haven’t got as much recognition as they deserve. But mark my words, soon, this equation will change.”


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