Agencies should get a uniform, Nah!

I recently started reading Russell Davies‘ blog. This article in particular caught my attention and I started thinking. Uniforms in agencies would be so very boring. I have always admired the ad guys for their funky ward-robe. And at times formal but yet so very clutter breaking. When you look at the creative lot they just stand out from the crowd. There is an immediate identification that says “Oh, he must be from the crazy ad world.” Now how many professions get you that kind of admiration or glares.

Although sometimes I feel the client servicing team has a role to play where they may need to dress as per their client environment. I am not so sure how cool is it for an account manager working on a bank to walk into his client’s office dressed in jeans and t-shirts. And when Mr.Russell says “Get a bit of discipline back in the business.” – I think that’s the point to make. Are we agency guys dressing up to make the client comfortable enough?

And since this post is triggered by a planner’s blog – The big question: How should planners be dressed? Are they the creative lot who can be cool and funky? Or are they the business talkers who should be in their formal attires. Share your thoughts in the comments.


One thought on “Agencies should get a uniform, Nah!

  1. kapil
    haven’t yet read russell’s thots on the subject…
    my take
    1. planners like planning come in different archetypes…one’s dress should fit one’s style! What works for me , may not work for you!!

    2. dressing for work everyday and dressing for a big client meeting might be two different occasions…
    i may prefer very casual clothing everyday but will be a bit formal for a banker client!!
    Beyond that I wudn’t worry much!

    3. when the environment around is becoming increasingly collar-less, it wud show itself in the dress code…

    4. but a planner or for that matter anybody in the creative industry must have a style of his/her own…


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