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Tagged by a Tissue

I’ve been a bad boy. Or rather a late boy. A few weeks back Poor_Planner tagged me. I am supposed to share 5 secrets with my readers which I haven’t written about on my blog. Trust me, this one was a toughie and I really had to work my brains to get these five mentionable ones. Anyways here they go. And if you know them already you are more than just a reader for me 🙂

  1. Emotional movies can get tears to my eyes (literally)!
  2. I hate eating alone.
  3. I was a class topper for the entire year in my seventh standard.
  4. I love fancy stationery – pens, notebooks, post-its. I collect them all.
  5. I maintain a personal diary since childhood where I pen my everyday thoughts and other happenings.

And now the interesting part, I am supposed to tag five more people to do the same.

Wes Baker
So go on, share with us something you’ve never told us before.


6 thoughts on “Tagged by a Tissue

  1. Kapil,
    believe it ar not..the first four points’re true for me too.. 🙂 but me was the topper in std eighth..
    So i’ll try to reveal another five secrets…hmmm

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