Cadbury ki masti

cadbury.jpgThis afternoon I was on my way to a meeting in South Mumbai. Around Haji Ali I saw that Cadbury had put up a series of creatives on the lamp-post billboards which had a rather interesting and non-product related message. The messages were like this:

  • 2007 has 16 week-days which are public holidays
  • 2007 has the maximum 3 day weekends
  • 2007 is the year of holidays

And the last in the series simply said

  • kuch meetha ho jaye

I think this was smart branding by Cadbury to bring in the new year and also establish a good brand connect with it’s audience. I mean holidays always bring a smile to everyone’s face and when you are happy what better way to enjoy than to have a piece of chocolate. There is also a website link which leads you to the online extension of their Miss Palanpur campaign.