Sparks of light

There was some welding work happening in the building. Here are some shots captured at various shutter speeds.

sparks (2) (by kapsi)sparks (3) (by kapsi)

sparks (4) (by kapsi)

I would really be interested if any pro photographers can leave comments on such shots can be captured in a better mode. I have captured them on the “Tv” mode keeping the aperture on auto mode and manually kept increasing/decreasing the shutter speeds.


2 thoughts on “Sparks of light

  1. Well, a few things I’d recommend that you do with “sparks” are:

    # Run a long exposure; so that one captures trails, instead of individual sparks

    # Manually focus on the spot that’s the “head” of the spark, and obtain some depth of field macros that way.

    # Manual macros, with a zoom lens; help. Try to get a (safe) shot of whatever’s being welded. Color abstracts of that surface are interesting.

    # If your camera allows it, lock the color to yellow and let everything else go to monochrome.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Sujeet: These sound very interesting to experiment. But I think the welding work is now over, so I will have to find some other interesting subject to try a few of these suggestions.

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