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Doing what you love

Last night I was watching an interview of Shahid Kapur. The last question of the interview was “What is the best part about being a successful actor?”. To which Shahid replied, I am happy that I have been able to succeed as an actor. It feels very satisfying when you get to do what you like and your work is not only earning your bread and butter but is also creatively satisfying for you to get up every morning and go out there and achieve more. When I look at people around me, it feels sad that many have to earn their living doing work which they may not be very happy about or even feel kicked about going to work every morning.

Shahid, so very well said indeed. Trust me, since the day I started working for a salary I always feared landing up a job which would make me toil endlessly with no satisfaction just because I had to someday start earning a livelihood by myself. Thankfully my family has always been supportive and given me the freedom to experiment across various career choices before deciding the one which best suited me. And today I am glad to do work which has kept me creatively challenged. But I am sure there are many out there who may not be so lucky afterall.

Are you happy with the work you do?


One thought on “Doing what you love

  1. Nice one,Kapil..
    Me raised the same question on moi blog a couple of days ago..See the post here..
    but it got lukeworm response..hehe..
    But me waana place that quote here..
    “I would rather be a failure doing something I love
    than being a success doing something I hate.” – George Burns(1896—1996)

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