Arvind Brands fires agency

Darshan Mehta, CEO VF Arvind Brand PVt. Ltd. is firing it’s ad agency. They are looking for copy help on their new ad for Lee X-line. Sounds interesting?


Take a look at this ad banner set-up by Arvind Brand for the Lee product offerings. If you want to take a chance at it – go ahead, they are even giving away an agency commission of upto Rs.10,000 in Lee merchandise. I think this was a real cool thing to have thought of, the agency sure got itself all bashed up. If you know more on this campagin, leave your inputs here.


One thought on “Arvind Brands fires agency

  1. agree with you… although i guess they should yank it off the internet now…a more prolonged display of the banner takes away the original impact!

    my guess is the guys who mattered have seen and read it!

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