Mark Cuban, please comment

I happened to read this story a few days back where Mark Cuban commented that only a ‘moron’ would buy YouTube. And it seems in less than a few days Google announced it’s plans to purchase YouTube. I would really like to know if somebody bothered to check with this gentleman on what he had to say about Google’s decision.

google_youtube03.jpgThe way I see it video-sharing is going to be very exciting. With the growing bandwidth supply people are going to not only share their holiday photos anymore but also their holiday videos for that matter. I mean take my case, I want to share my wedding video with friends and relatives who didn’t make it for the wedding. If I have to send out a CD by courier to each one of them, it’s going to cost me a bomb. How easy would it be to just upload the file and let every know the video URL. Can be done even today, but I need a better broadband connection. Also I am not too sure on the privacy available at youtube.

Once these issues have been plugged in, I think sites like youtube will be helping us just the way a Google Image search has helped us or the Google Blog search. I see the youtube addition just another growth for the same. Google Video only gets more powerful now.