Woh Lamhe

Thursday night is attractive to watch a movie at Inox, the Manhattan card gives you one free ticket with every one purchased. So it’s two for the value of one – And at Inox rates it matters. Wife and me decided to catch the late night show of Woh Lamhe.

WohLamhe1P1.jpgA movie aptly named, this is about two lovers who spend some beautiful moments before destiny separates them. Very filmy, has to be because it’s a Mahesh Bhatt story and a big brother Mukesh’s production. This move inspired from the lives of Mahesh and Praveen Bhabhi has all the elements of a masala flick – lots of romance, drama and a big of action too. Although Shiney Ahuja is impressive in his role, I think the dude had some major problems in his throat enacting certain scenes which needed loud screaming (like the one at the Orra party). And let’s not even talk about Kangana’s diction – She should skip the English atleast. Somebody who really did a fine job was Purab Kohli. It was so very good to see him in a different role from his usual VJing. The director should have spent a little effort to get some of his junior artists perfect – the news-reporter who announces Shama’s discovery at the hospital. Gosh – He sucked! And the doctor at the hospital could have done some better acting.

Two dialogues which really take the cake:

  • If there is no hope, we shall invent it.
  • I will kill you, if you die.

All in all, this movie is worth a dekho. However I would have liked it if the horror and psycho bit could have been kept to a minimum. Besides I think the whole storyline makes for an interesting book. Any writers taking up this one?