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Monsoon + Mumbai

Untitled Document This post is really late, but while it poured and poured in Mumbai over the last few days, a lot of work at office got hit badly. So now that I am back at the PC, the work load has really not permitted me to blog this earlier. It’s been really sad, that people have to suffer so badly – And then you have the government hitting them back for saying “We cleaned up, you messed it up again”. So much for government responsibility. But then again, I think we as citizens should make the effort to not mess up our city and let such problems occur. We should be partners with the governement in this effort called “Clean Mumbai”.

You may have seen a lot of video footage and many photos in the press, but sharing a few shots captured by me and dear friend Pankaj. This daring soul actually tried taking a train from CST station to Ambernath on Tuesday morning – And video clips is what he comes back with after returning from Byculla station.

monsoon 1
Thankfully, this manhole not only had a warning sign but also somebody standing next to it to warn passerbys.

monsoon 4
To give you an idea, that water is knee high. Thank god, for putting me in a BEST bus, so I escaped that water.

Click here to download the video clips (3GP files) shot by Pankaj: Video 1 | Video 2
3GP files play in Quicktime, just incase if you have a problem.