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Life without technology

A few years back, I read about this weird experiment, where a guy actually decided to spend an entire year living entirely from e-commerce items shipped to his home. He even went to the extent of changing his legal name to “dot com guy”. That was at a time when the Internet boom had just begun. Everybody who wanted to be somebody was using the Internet to become rich, famous or just creative. But it had to be with the Internet – Nothing else.

When I read this story I was really fascinated, because at that time internet in India was yet a luxury. We used a dial-up connection to get online and do all our work quickly. We even typed long e-mails in Notepad and then copy pasted them into the compose window, to save time. So imagine hearing about someone who was actually going to live off the internet – it was so cool!

After almost six years since this has happened, and now that Internet has become more of a staple diet for our regular lives where we don’t realize of Internet being a special service. It’s just so normal to wake up every morning and check your e-mails. I actually find it weird when people say I check my e-mail every 2-3 weeks, how can you do that anymore. Do you attend your phone calls too that rarely?

Coming back to the development, one guy actually thought about quitting it all and in a unique experiment has decided to spend 4 weeks disconnected from any kind of tech gadgets and gizmos (Internet included). I really wish he takes along a pen and paper to jot his thoughts on life without the technology. How else will he come back and blog about it?