A spooky evening with Cyrus

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter a failed attempt on Sunday, I managed to catch the show of Being Cyrus yesterday. Thankfully office was closed due to the occasion of Gudi Padva, so it was good mid-week break. I love these holidays.

Anyways talking about the movie, well it’s different. After a little thinking you realize it’s a simple spooky story which could have been made into a masala flick with all it’s necessary ingredients. But I guess Adajania decided to treat it differently and that is why you have Being Cyrus – a dark film which does not match everyone’s taste. Actually I was not sure if it really clicked with the multiplex audience either. And yes, it’s not a Parsi movie, that it is set in a Parsi family is quite incidental you will know by the end of the movie.

I was reading the movie review shared by Anita, where I learnt a little about the director Adajania.

This is Adajania’s first film and he has earlier been a freelance travel writer and photographer as well as a scuba diving instructor. That’s just some inspiration in case you’re planning to chuck your day job and get into movie-making.

Just re-affirms my thought of directing a film and realizing my childhood dream. Someday.

The star cast is impressive. And so is the performance. Boman Irani does a best once again. The scene where he fights with the fat lady at the window is well done. Simone Singh looks ravishing throughout the movie, wonder why her husband didn’t take much interest in her. She has been given a very strong character which is not revealed till the end of the movie.

Oops, I should stop before I give out too much. Go watch this move, if you are looking for something different from the Bollywood stable.


5 thoughts on “A spooky evening with Cyrus

  1. Seen the movie!! Enjoyed the movie verymuch..
    I too felt the same like you about Simone Singh.. ha ha…She’s pretty cute!!

  2. Hey… that’s my childhood dream too… making a movie! Btw, the movie is definitely different, but I did not find it very special… possible because of the no. of people who recommended it and sang praises about it

  3. @Nirav: True. Different but not special.

    @Anumita: Yes, work has been hectic so very little time for the kitchen.

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