Lord pays us a visit

Look at the image on the left. What does it look like? Look at it again. Can you see the face of Lord Ganesha in this? Click on the image to see the original in full size.

capsicum ganeshThis is a piece of capsicum which was holed up in larger sized capsicum which Mom picked up from the local grocery shop. When she rattled the piece she heard some noise – assumed it was a large chunk of seeds. Later while cutting the piece she saw this little “thingie” inside. At the very first glance she thought she had seen an image of Lord Ganesha on the face. We shared it with a few people and they all seemed to have the same opinion. You always hear such stories in the paper where Lord Ganesha has appeared in many vegetables – this is a first for our family.

If it’s to be believed, we are blessed by the Lord and we thank god for this appearance.