Taxi No.9211: Anger Management

Very rarely do I go and watch a movie without reading a review. And watching the movie on the very first day itself is like a WOW! Friday, I was desperate to watch a movie. My first choice was Mixed Doubles, but it seems in the Friday change, the movie had moved to evening shows, so I missed that one.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usCall me lucky, we got the last two tickets available the box office for the late night show of Taxi No. 9211. I think it was about 45 minutes into the movie, when I realized that this movie was a copy of the Hollywood flick “Changing Lanes”. I had enjoyed the original one, so it was a pleasure to see a Bollywood adaptation. Nana Patekar is in his typical best, Johan Abrahim could have done better. But what I really think was the true message of the movie: Anger Management. If you got a bad temper or know somebody who has this problem, I think you should really watch this movie. It kind of makes you alert on what BIG TROUBLE a bad temper can sometimes get you into. Get alert, learn to control that temper. Also let’s be nice to people around us so they in return can also be nice. Sonali Kulkarni (she plays Nana’s wife) at the climax tells Nana very rightfully – “Agar tumein chaiye ki yeh duniya tumein acha de, phele tum acha insaan banke dekhao”. If you want the world to be good to you, first you need to be a good human being.

So go out there and see this movie, you won’t regret it. Enjoy.


One thought on “Taxi No.9211: Anger Management

  1. Kapil,
    I’ven’t seen the movie..but the way u put it is marvellous..
    Anger management is so essential..I’ve seen the outcome of dis thing..as one of my closed ones gone into danger due to lack of anger management..
    And i’d love to see dis movie..

    thank you

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