Big Mistake

During the long Diwali break, I decided to make some cool ring tones for my cell phone. To edit the sound files I loaded an old program from Acoustica Software. To my disappointment the trial period was over. Not wanting to spend too much time to get some new freeware I just thought I would patch the software so it would work beyond the trial period also. Now this “thinking” was a big mistake. What next?

Patch downloaded. Software patched. But what it unleashed is yet playing dirty on my computer. It seems the patch was a very smart one indeed and loaded a multiple of “trojans” and spyware programs on to the PC creating total havoc. Pop-ups, stupid in-the-face flash ads and all the bloody crap on the internet is displayed on my monitor. You have to keep closing the windows popping up. Bloody irritating. My dad and sister were fretting, what the hell had I done to the PC. And I actually had screwed it thanks to that stupid patch.

I have already spent the last two Sundays trying to get rid of the problem and it’s not been a 100% success yet. Helping me with this task is Tech Support Guys Forum. And of course while I was doing this I even went a step ahead and got rid of my expired Norton Anti-virus. This time I put in avast! anti-virus. Trust me, on the first check, I think this program is much more powerful than what Norton was. I used it for on my IBM Thinkpad a couple of months back. They have a free download for home use, so try it.

Just see that I have got some more help coming at Tech Support, so I will continue working on the solution. But I guess I have learnt my lessons.

  • No Software cracking
  • Monthly virus / spyware checks
  • Not being lazy and try to find freeware programs

And yes, I finally was able to make some ring tones using Audacity. Free program with no strings attached.


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