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My blogroll is now fresh, updated and features the real blogs I read regularly. I moved away from Blogrolling which needed frequent updating, every time I made changes in my RSS reader. So instead I am using Bloglines to power the blogroll. You can also read a list of my feeds right here.

Do you have a blog, which I should be reading – Drop me a line and I’ll see you there.


2 thoughts on “Powered by Bloglines

  1. Dude,
    Congrats… however, I can never understand what these techie things mean. I dont know what an RSS reader is, I dont know what does, and though I am quite curious, I know that I am happy to be ignorant 🙂

  2. I think I remember telling you how good Bloglines was ;). As for a blog you should be reading, I just found about one called oneredpaperclip, it’s about a guy who started with a red paperclip and is trying to constantly trade up until he gets a house or an island. Take a look at it:

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