Rojo screwed up

Almost a month back I moved from My Yahoo to Rojo for my blog reading. This week what happened has forced me to find a new blog reader, once more. Yes, Rojo actually screwed up.

I wanted to test run Bloglines after having read a couple of reviews. So I thought I would get Rojo to export my blogroll and then I would import the same into Bloglines. Now, the export feature at Rojo would just not work and only generate an empty XML file in spite of repeated attempts. After numerous failed attempts I finally gave up and signed off for the weekend.

The Hard Hit
When I got back into office on Tuesday morning, what do I see? Rojo had actually cleaned up (deleted) my entire blogroll just like that. Now, if you are a Rojo user, you will know that there is no such option as “Delete All” which I may have hit accidentally also, because there is no such button itself. I think I lost about 25 of my blog feeds which have been recently growing thanks to DesiPundit.

New Player
Having lost it all at Rojo and with no back-up XML to restore the list, I finally decided to re-create my list in Bloglines. So far it’s been a good experience and I am going to hang around a bit till I see something better at Rojo. But for now it’s a sure bye-bye to Rojo.