Mumbai Police: Your report card is not good

To: Mumbai Police

Dear Commissioner,

It’s time you are ashamed of your team and have someone take responsibility for turning the protector image to a scoundrel (thug)! It’s disgusting that we pick our morning newspapers only to be reported another of the police crimes. Sir, if your team is going to be so busy indulging in such grouse and sometimes yet so petty crimes how is the force going to find time to dig out the so called “underworld” elements if they themselves are creating so much havoc “above the ground”. And just in case like all other issues if you are not clued on to the MANY such incidents happening around the city here is a Link Bag to help you review all the stories.

In the earnest interest of every citizen of Mumbai, we request you to kindly pull up those responsible not only for this these incidents but also provide help, take precautionary action against those who can be potential elements of worry. We should be proud of the fact and would once again like to retain the image of a city which was once the safest city in the country for a single woman, too.

Fearful Citizens of Mumbai.

Your report card is in a mess


3 thoughts on “Mumbai Police: Your report card is not good

  1. Very interesting. But it begs the question – are you feeling safer now that you’ve posted this article up on the Internet?

    Also, the links seem to be wonky. Try scraping a search field instead of absolute links. That could work..


  2. You are right. If cops themselves indulge in crimes, how can the ordinary citizen expect to feel protected. Bombay police really had a very good reputation once upon a time. It is really sad to see it deteriorated like this.

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