The Sunday Punch

Sunday mornings can be so good. I was up at 9 this morning which if you know me well is very very unusual. After helping mom with the Sunday errands I logged onto the blog and ever since spent a good portion of the morning tweaking and shaping up the blog to make it more powerful. What’s new?

The 43things mania
Yes, I got hooked too. I set-up my list and I am going to be sharing my goals with others and connect with like-minded souls. A few hours of surfing makes it look like another great place to network and make new friends. If nothing else you should just go to the website and see what people would like to do. You don’t need any registration.

The name really got my attention. What does it do? It basically collects keywords from the feeds you specify and connects all the content with the common words. It also highlights keywords with greater relevance. You can see the keywords used on my blog, my 43things list and Flickr photo album – They appear on the right-side column at the end of the blogroll list. Caution: It may take a while before the list is populated.

I get better stats now
Lewis recommends Statcounter a good statistics and tracker on his blog, so I decided to get one for my blog too. Besides the page counts and unique visitors it also gives info on the keywords people used to get to your blog. I am going to monitor the results over the next few weeks and see how my blog is performing in cyberspace.

Blogroll update
Some of the blogs I read didn’t get updated so often I tend to have got bored from them, so they have been out. But yet again, I got connected to some new ones thanks to Desipundit.

Time to check that plate
KhanaPeena is yet under development but you can take a sneak peek of my new blog dedicated to food, drinks and more.