Aamchi Mumbai rocks!

the climb

The true spirt of Mumbai is best depicited during the festival season. Friends, neighbours and families unite to celebrate each occasion with great joy and excitement. Be it Diwali, Id, Ganesh Utsav or even Christmas – celebrations are evident through the city.

Today Mumbai celebrates Gokulashtmi the festival of Lord Krishna’s attempt to break “handis” full of butter-milk and cream. Over the period of time band of boys have taken over the celebrations and move around the city trying to break the “handis” filled with cas rewards set-up up at various socities. It’s quite an effort for the boys to form a human pyramid to have one little boy from their group to reach the top and collect the booty.

breaking handiA colleague at work tells me that a similar feat also happens in some portion of Spain. I couldn’t find anything very intereting to read about this online but what I am going to leave you with are some glimpses of the celebrations I witnessed around my office area. Some more available at my Flickr photo album.