kapsi goes international

I would call it God’s Gift! 2 months into the job and I have got the opportunity to go overseas for a client project. Let me admit that this trip is happening to me only because of the unfortunate passport hassles due to which my senior project manager is not able to be on this trip. But I thank my seniors for giving me this opportunity. I am flying to Malaysia over the weekend and will spend few days there working on a client project. It’s going to be a hectic schedule but I guess it’s going to be a new experience working on a LIVE project. The pressure is going to be high and deadlines pressing but the team is good so I should be able to manage. A quick preview of where I am going to be:

Langkawi comprises a group of 99 tropical islands (at high tide and 104 islands at low ride!) lying off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia near the Thai-Malaysian border. The main island is known as Pulau Langkawi and 40,000 people live there, mainly Malay. The island is popular as a tourist destination with some excellent beaches. Langkawi is only 50 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur.

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I am not sure if I would have net access and would get time to blog. But I promise to come back and share my experience and also fill my flickr with a great set of photos.