One year of survival

I survived it. Yes, it’s been a full one year since I made my first post on Things have changed over the time and my blog has evolved from just website/software reviews or even restaurant reviews. Of course there was a time when I had to direct people to visit my blog because suddenly I stopped sending out e-mails with new software/website links. Some of them got hooked and some just gave up and some don’t know how to remember that they have to come back here for MORE!

After a few months of blogging I even re-worked my personal website to pick the latest blog posts and show them on the front page. This made it easy for me to tell people just to visit my homepage for the latest happenings. When people asked me on IM:”What’s up?” I just said “the blog is”. Go see it! Because if there was anything worth sharing it was there on my blog. Anything else was too personal.

And then there was a time when a good friend commented “…all I see in there is food reviews”. For a moment I even thought it was getting too much. But then if that’s what I am doing (Eating good stuff most of the time) then why not write about it. Good friend Sujeet has been the motivator in getting me into blogsphere and over the time I have developed some regular at the blog like September Girl and Wes Baker.

Is there something particular you remember about my blog. Share your thoughts. Happy Blogging!